Monday, December 18, 2006

Prince of Bugs II

Kollade lite rescensioner på Warrior Within nu när man bildat sig en välgrundad egen uppfattning och hittade i Hilary Goldstein's recension för ett riktigt favorit-citat:

"When the music isn't happening, you must contend with the horrendous screeches from enemies, which sound a lot like my cat getting neutered. Then there are the quips from some of your female combatants, who sound like valley girls on a power trip and who scream like banshees in a blender. Perhaps worst of all is the Prince himself, who offers some horrible quips, including, "I am the Prince of Persia... and the King of Blades!" Try listening to that ten times fast. The quips from bosses are repetitive and bad as well. On the plus side, this becomes added inspiration for killing bosses quickly."

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